Artificial Intelligence Engineer In Grid Logic

Company Name : Grid Logic

Company Website :

Experience : 3+ year

Qualification : Any Graduate

Location : Hyderabad

Post Date : 01-01-2021

Job Description:

1.Understand the business problem, challenge of existing technologies and areas of application for AI technologies.
2. Identify and choose right AI or cognitive computing technologies for solving problems and formulate AI recipes for development.
3. Develop required machine learning models or prototype applications applying formulated AI recipes and verify the problem/solution fit.
4. Involve in development of AI Platform and production infrastructure
5. Help AI team and business stakeholders understand the potential and limitations of AI when planning new products.


Required Skills:

1. Experience in building API driven interface development
2. Demonstrated proficiency in multiple programming languages with a strong foundation in statistical platforms
3. Experience building AI models
4. Experience in designing and developing products, tools or test automation frameworks Python technologies.
5. Experience of developing tools using AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning is required